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An innovator and
processor of adaptable
Stored Value Card solutions

Card Processing Features
EFS processed Cards can be private labeled or bank issued. The Cards can be processed on closed loop, client driven networks or co-branded with major debit networks, card associations, and issuers.

EFS has developed proprietary and unique patent pending technology that allows for various points, rewards, and discount Card programs. Clients rapidly deploy loyalty Card programs throughout their enterprise, configured at store level guided by demographics. A Card can carry multiple loyalty and discount programs and be accepted by multiple stores with multipile configured rates and dates. Read more...

Client Services
Clients, Manage your accounts online.
With EFS Web interfaces Client management of card programs is easy. Full realtime reporting and Client middleware tools allow EFS Clients to effectively run the best card programs possible. Read more...

Unique Stored Value Technologies

Reward and Loyalty Programs.
EFS processing technology gives Clients the ability to offer feature rich, custom tailored, reward and loyalty card programs that create customer retention. These programs are configurable at store level and cards can carry multiple stored value and reward/loyalty buckets. Read more...
Prepaid Branded Cards
EFS debit cardholders can upgrade to prepaid Client Co-Branded Cards and they will enjoy the benefits of carrying a signature Branded card with the convenience and ease of use of cash, accepted everywhere. Read more...
Affinity Cards
EFS processes Client affinity group card products that are distributed to their constituants giving the cardholders all the member benefits while building brand strength. Read more...
Gift Cards
With EFS Gift cards Clients can tailor their own offerings to include reward, discount and rebate programs onto their Gift program giving their customers unique return incentives. Read more...
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